ISO Tanks - Fleet

Direct Logistics provides various types of tanks to suit your needs.

This comprehensive range of features and services positions Direct Logistics as a reliable and versatile partner in the transportation and storage of bulk liquids, meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

The capacity of ISO tanks varies slightly depending on the specific type, typically ranging from 12,000 liters to 26,000 liters.


Direct Logistics fleet of general ISO tanks (tank containers) are all constructed from 316 stainless steel. Our tanks are suitable for solvents, oils, resins, mining chemicals, food products and many more products etc.

Our ISO tanks are engineered to meet stringent safety and quality standards, providing reliability and peace of mind to our clients. With versatility at its core, our fleet stands ready to efficiently deliver goods across diverse sectors, underscoring our commitment to excellence in logistics solutions.


Direct Logistics has a fleet of top load top discharge ISO tanks (tank containers) which are mandatory for transport of hazardous products like Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, and many other products.

The capacity of these tanks is 14,000 litres. These tanks meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization Code (IMOC) and the Australian code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ACTDG).

Multi-Compartment Iso Tanks

Direct Logistics can offer a multi-compartment Iso tank, with two or three independent compartments, built from 316 ss, with each compartment fitted with a swing bolt man lid, pressure relief valve, airline valve and bottom discharge.

These are very popular with companies that wish to deliver multiple products or multiple deliveries to different customers.

Our compartment Isotanks are manufactured and built to IMO standards that enable them to be transported worldwide via road, rail and sea. Some compartment Isotanks are insulated with steam heating capability.


At Direct Logistics we can manage your food-grade logistics domestically by utilizing our own fleet of dedicated food-grade tanks.

Our range of food-grade ISO tanks varies in capacity from 24,000 to 26,000 liters.

All our ISO tanks will come with an independent third-party cleaning certificate so you can rest assured that the tank is cleaned to the highest standard to carry your food-grade products.

What is an ISO Tank?

An ISO tank container is a standardized shipping container designed specifically for the transportation of bulk liquids, chemicals, powders, and gases.

Constructed according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications, made from materials such as stainless steel.

ISO tank containers feature a protective outer shell to ensure the safe and secure transportation of their contents.

They are equipped with standardized fittings and valves for easy loading, unloading, and handling.

These containers are widely used in various industries due to their versatility, efficiency, and compatibility with different modes of transportation, including ships, trains, and trucks.

How do ISO tanks work?

Filling an ISO tank container involves a series of steps to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of bulk liquids, chemicals, or gases. Initially, the container undergoes thorough inspection and cleaning to prevent contamination and ensure compatibility with the intended cargo.

Once deemed suitable, the container is positioned securely for filling, typically using specialized equipment such as pumps or hoses. The cargo is carefully transferred into the container, with precise monitoring to prevent overfilling and maintain proper handling procedures.

Throughout the filling process, valves and fittings on the container are utilized to control the flow of the cargo and maintain safety standards. Upon completion, the container is sealed to prevent leakage during transport. This meticulous process ensures that ISO tank containers are filled efficiently and securely.

Looking to sell?

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