Safety Platform

Safety Platforms – Fall Arrest Frame

Direct Logistics’ Safety Platform (Fall Protection / Fall Arrest Frame) is designed and built to comply with the Australian standard AS 1657-1992, ensuring the safety of operators during loading and unloading operations on top of ISO Tanks (Tank Containers). Here are the key features and details highlighted:

Australian Standard Compliance:

The Safety Platform adheres to the Australian standard AS 1657-1992, reflecting a commitment to meeting and exceeding safety regulations in the region.

Fall Prevention:

Air-operated folding stainless-steel handrails are incorporated into the design to prevent operators from possible falls. The handrails offer an additional layer of protection to ensure operator safety.

Easy Installation:

The Safety Platform can be easily fitted to the top of an ISO Tank (Tank Container) using a forklift and securely locks into the corner castings of the ISO Tank.

Minimum Hire Period:

The minimum hire period is one day, allowing customers to utilize the Safety Platform for short-term projects or as needed.

Secure Design:

The platform features 600mm wide grid mesh walkways on both sides, providing a secure surface for operators to move on during loading and unloading operations.

User-Friendly Operation:

The Safety Platform is designed for easy operation. Air is supplied from the truck through an airline hose connected to the platform. Upon connection, the handrails automatically raise into the upright position. To lower the handrails back down, the air in the system is released, allowing them to fold down flat.

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