Secondary Containment Unit

Why choose Direct Logistics Second Containment Unit?

Direct Logistics now offers a Secondary Containment Unit (SCU) designed for minor spills of up to approximately 2,900 litres.
The emphasis on reducing landfill and eliminating the use of single-use plastics bunds through the utilization of Direct Logistics’ secondary containment unit (SCU) is a commendable environmental initiative.

  • Constructed from steel, it can be placed on any surface (dirt, crushed rock, hard stand), ensuring the internal liner coating is protected and its integrity maintained.
  • Internal Rhino lining (PP1195) makes it resistant to a wide range of chemicals. In case of a minor spill, a 2’’ drain valve is provided.
  • With no on-site setup required, this makes it the ultimate solution in spill management where bunding is not viable.
  • The Secondary Containment Unit is secured to the Iso Tank with twist locks.
  • Reduces single-use bund disposal, no time spent in assembling bunds.
  • Lloyds registered and certification.
  • Patent to Direct Logistics Pty Ltd

How does it work?

The Direct Logistics Secondary Containment Unit serves as a crucial safety measure in the transportation of hazardous materials, providing an additional layer of protection against leaks or spills.

This unit consists of a robust containment system surrounding the primary storage container. Secured to the ISO tank with twist locks.

In the event of a leak or rupture in the primary container, the secondary containment unit captures and contains the spilled material, preventing environmental contamination and mitigating potential hazards.

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