Direct Logistics provides Complete Solutions.

Direct Logistics’ positioning as a strategic partner rather than just a service provider is evident in our comprehensive approach and commitment to meeting diverse client needs in the safe transport and storage of chemicals and bulk liquids nationally.
Here are some key highlights of the company’s offerings:

Complete Logistic Services:

Direct Logistics offers a complete range of logistic services, providing a total door-to-door package for bulk liquid transport and storage requirements. This includes a one-stop-shop service for all logistics requirements, demonstrating a commitment to being a comprehensive solution provider.

Consistent Commitment:

Direct Logistics emphasizes a consistent and high level of commitment and professionalism in handling shipments, whether they are routine deliveries or complex projects that require careful planning.

Experienced Management Team:

With an experienced and proven management team, Direct Logistics has a solid foundation for ongoing effective innovation and solutions, showcasing the company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

Integrated Services:

The company provides an integrated service from door-to-door and tank-to-tank, ensuring a seamless process for clients. This approach is designed to meet the high standards of commitment and professionalism for every shipment, regardless of complexity.


Direct Logistics is committed to providing the finest range of leading edge products and equipment to suit your individual needs. Direct Logistics is always willing to listen to our customer’s requirements and work with them to find innovative solutions to their needs. We will investigate and arrange Iso Tank (tank container) modifications to suit the needs of our customers. Some of the equipment that we can supply is listed below.

Diverse Offerings:

The range of services includes short-term and long-term hire of ISO Tanks (Tank Containers), ISO Tank sales, Flexi Tanks, Safety Platform (Fall Protection/Fall Arrest frame) Hire, national road, rail, and sea transport, hazardous and non-hazardous ISO Tank storage, transport of EPA regulated waste, decanting, shipping (import/export), preparation of import/export documentation, customs clearance, and a door-to-door service both nationally and internationally.


Our Direct Logistics delivery service provides a seamless and fully integrated solution, spanning from doorstep to tank. We are dedicated to maintaining a steadfast commitment to professionalism and excellence in every shipment we handle, regardless of its complexity. Our aim remains unchanged whether it’s a routine delivery or a meticulously planned project. Harnessing the resources of Pacific National rails in Australia bolsters our capabilities, ensuring swift and reliable deliveries across the region.